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down comforter Nothing compares to snuggling down under a fluffy down comforter on a cold winter night!  Down comforters are available in summer weights, winter weights, and everything in between.

Down is the natural insulating layer found under the feathers on ducks and geese.  Down comforters are channeled or (preferably) baffled fabric shells filled with down.  Down fill is used in different amounts to achieve varying levels of warmth.  How well a particular type of down traps air determines how warm the comforter will be.  This is referred to as fill power.  Many comforters are labeled by fill weight (the weight of down they contain), but a lightweight comforter with a higher fill power can be just as warm as a heavier one with a lower fill power.  People who keep their bedroom temperatures consistent throughout the year often choose a single comforter weight for year-round use; people whose bedrooms are warmer in summer and cooler in winter are likely to opt for seasonal-weight comforters.

blue down comforter Down quality varies greatly.  Larger, mature waterfowl produce thicker down and bigger clusters of down that have more loft.  The down may be white or gray.  Duck down tends to have smaller clusters and is less expensive.  An exception is eiderdown, which comes from a wild duck and is quite costly.  In some inexpensive duck down comforters, goose down may be added to provide more loft.  Comforters should be constructed using downproof fabric with a thread count of 220 or higher so that the down does not escape.

Before purchasing your down comforter online from any of the following sites, check the size of the comforter listed to be sure it will properly fit your bed and mattress thickness.  Consider your climate and your normal room temperature settings, and order a comforter with appropriate weight and fill power.  Choose a duvet cover to protect your down comforter and complement your linens.  You can then be assured your choice will accent your bedroom decor and provide a comfortable sleep.

Down Comforters and Bedding Shops

  • Luxury Linens
    Features down pillows, heirloom duvets, duvet covers, inflatable beds, and fine linens.
  • The Company Store
    Select from a wide variety of goose down comforter styles, colors, and fill weights as well as down/feather and down alternative comforters.
  • Plumeria Bay
    Explore this collection of fine down comforters, featherbeds and fine bed linens.
  • Cuddledown
    Features down comforters, featherbeds, feather pillows, and fine bed linens.
  • DeWoolfson Down
    This little shop offers comforters, pillows, and featherbeds that help put a lot of people to sleep comfortably.

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Down Comforters - Goose Down and Duck Down Comforter Guide

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